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Varsity and JV Fall Sports Start

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C-NS softball edges out Colonie in Class AA state regional
Author: Victor Barbosa
The Cicero-North Syracuse softball overcame an early three-run deficit Friday at Carrier Park to defeat Colonie (Section II) in the Class AA regional round, 6-4. The Northstars will take on the winner of Orchard Park (Section VI) and Victor (Sec
Girls Golf Team sends 2 girls to State tournament for first time in school history
  Amy Krohl and Abby Ainsworth advanced to the Girls Statetournament in Brockport last weekend. This was the first time in school historythat CNS sent 2 girls to the State tournament, which was held at Deerfield Golfcourse. The girls played wel
Cicero-North Syracuse claims Class AA softball crown
Author: Lindsay Kramer
The Cicero-North Syracuse softball players danced beyond the confines of their Carrier Park field early Monday night in an effort to get warm.  Once the Northstars’ game against Baldwinsville began, the team’s bats quickly generated enough heat
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