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CNS hockey Sectional Game vs Bville

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2016-2017 CNS Battle of Fans Video By: Jacob Lax and Battle of the Fans Team
CNS Swimming Has Record Setting Day
The CNS Boys Swimming team had a record setting day at the Class A Section 3 swim meet.  The relay team of Payton Connors, Owen Flaherty, Nate Ancona, and Steve Cooley broke a nine year old school record in the Medley Relay to start the meet. &n
C-NS’s Osborne earns sectional wrestling title
Author: Phil Blackwell
It only figures that Dereck Bigford’s 30-year tenure as head coach of the Cicero-North Syracuse wrestling team will end at the biggest meet of the winter, with one of his Northstars competing on the mat.  Nathan Osborne’s victory in th
C-NS boys win league indoor track title
Author: Phil Blackwell
Based on the success it had in field events, including a 1-2-3 sweep of the pole vault, plus the trio of titles gained by Jeremiah Willis, the Cicero-North Syracuse boys indoor track and field team climbed to the top of the standings in Fri
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