Cicero-North Syracuse Athletics

Homecoming vs Nottingham

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Blue Golf Team Wins 5 in a Row!
Blue Golf Team Wins 5 in a Row! The Blue Golf team finished up on Thursday with a decisive win over rival Liverpool -  189-208 Team Leaders were Justin Pellegrino with a 37- Sophomore Ryan Sisco-38, and 8th grader Jake Nardozza-38.  The v
CNS Linemen make the cut for NFF Player of the Week honors in high school football
Author: Nolan Weidner
Linemen make the cut for NFF Player of the Week honors in high school football An entire offensive line and a defensive line standout cracked what is normally a group reserved for so-called 'skill players' who put up big numbers.  The Cicero-N
C-NS stays perfect, shuts out Liverpool to win Star Wars Cup
Author: Stephen Payette
A week after recording a 61-point blowout victory, the Cicero North-Syracuse wasn’t satisfied. The No. 1 team in the CNY Top 10 rankings proved its worth, shutting out Liverpool 41-0 to secure this year’s Star Wars Cup. This was the second
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