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Football vs CBA in Sectional 1/4 Final

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C-NS wins gold at Williamsville South Volleyball Tournament
Author: Pat Spadafore
The Cicero-North Syracuse boys volleyball team captured the Gold Division championship at the Williamsville South Volleyball Tournament on Sunday. “I’m so proud of this team,” said C-NS coach Mike Lucia. “Coming off a big win against Canis
Northstars Unstoppable in Win at Utica
Author: Phil Blackwell
With seven convincing victories in the books, and 367 points put on the board, the Cicero-North Syracuse football team now sets off on a post-season journey that could prove historic.  The Northstars, who have never won a Section III championshi
Bigford, Cummings lead C-NS to thrilling comeback over Oswego
Author: Victor Barbosa
Cicero-North Syracuse started perhaps the most difficult three-match stretch of their campaign last week and wrapped it up by passing with flying colors in Tuesday's 3-2 win over Oswego. After falling behind 2-0 against the host Buccaneers,
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