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CNS Boys Basketball vs Corcoran

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C-NS girls basketball claims rematch with West Genesee
Author: Phil Blackwell
Now the Cicero-North Syracuse and West Genesee girls basketball teams are on even terms in this 2018-19 season, with a likelihood that one more decisive chapter remains.  With a tremendous fourth-quarter effort on both ends, the Northstars preva
Running backs from Cicero-North Syracuse, Indian River earn first-team, all-state in football
Ten players from sectional football champion Cicero-North Syracuse were honored today with spots on various Class AA all-state teams or by receiving honorable mention.  The C-NS selections include the area’s only first-team selection in Class AA
Hockey Northstars top B’ville, blanks Cazenovia
Author: Phil Blackwell
Passing the midway point of its regular season, the Cicero-North Syracuse ice hockey team was still in a fierce battle to climb above the .500 mark.  By the time last week ended, though, the Northstars were in a far more confident posi
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