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CNS Boys Basketball host Bville

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Cicero-North Syracuse
What's next? Continuing my academic and athletic career in college 
Best moment of the season: Pizza after matches 
Who inspires you? Tiger Woods because he's a great golfer and a very confident person 
What's your favorite club in your golf bag? 60 degree wedge because there's so many ways to use it 
The last thing you say before taking the course: Team needs birdies 
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Cicero-North Syracuse
Eighth grade
What's next? Looking forward to Freshman year and indoor.
Top accomplishment of the season: Getting my personal record at leagues and our team getting third
Who inspires you? My mom and dad because they make sure they are at every meet no matter the circumstance. They are also very supportive, loving and always push me to do my best.
What do you think about while running? Beating the girl in front of me until there are no more to beat
What's your favorite course to run? Baldwinsville because it is flat for the most part. I also got my personal record there. 
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9 CNS football Players make the 2018 ALL CNY Football Team. 
Jeremiah Willis, Josh Lawrence, Nate Geloff, Conner Hayes, Matt Hogan, Jaiquawn McGriff, Brady Mills, Jordan Seltzer
Missing from the photo is Shy'rel Broadwater of Cicero-North Syracuse.  
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Cicero-North Syracuse
Position: Forward
What's next? Attending New Paltz to play field hockey and study biology
Best moment of the season: Winning sectionals and playing in regionals
Who inspires you? My team and my parents because they always push me to be the best player I can be
What's your most treasured piece of sports equipment? My stick because I always buy the same one every time.
The last thing you say before taking the field: We either huddle up and say CHOMPP or scream as loud as we can to get ready for the game.
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Cicero-North Syracuse
Position: Forward 
What's next? Continuing playing at the high school level for one more year, then hopefully play at the  collegiate level
Best moment of the season: During practice we were doing a regular corner drill and it turned into who can out cheer the other team drill. Both teams were going crazy and it was overall such a fun and funny experience. 
Who inspires you? My parents and my coaches inspire me the most. My coaches Pat Kennedy and Pete Moore always support and help me on and off the field.
What's your most treasured piece of sports equipment? My stick. It has almost become a part of my body. Getting a new stick is always exciting but you will always have a place in your heart for your old ones.
The last thing you say before taking the field: Before every game the players on the field huddle up and I say 'score first, score within the first minute, and keep it above the 50." It always gets the team riled up before playing.
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Cicero-North Syracuse 
Position: Midfield/Forward
What's next? I will be going to college to study nursing and play field hockey at St. John Fisher College.
Best moment of the season: We were at practice and one of our sophomores went into the bathroom, so our coach told us all to hide. When she came out he told her we all left to go home and she started to pick up all of our equipment.
Who inspires you? My family, coach Kennedy, Pete Moore, and all of my teammates inspire me. They all push me to do my best every day and I want to make them proud!
What's your most treasured piece of sports equipment? My sticks throughout the years ... especially the stick I used my junior year, it's my baby ... It was the luckiest stick I've ever had. 
The last thing you say before taking the field: CHOMPP
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C-NS indoor track wins big at Morse Kickoff Meet
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Another season of high school indoor track and field is underway, and will again feature Cicero-North Syracuse in a large capacity on the boys and girls ends.  The boys Northstars wasted little time going to the front during last Satur
C-NS' fast start buoys them to easy win over CBA in boys basketball
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Cicero-North Syracuse raced past Christian Brothers Academy with ease at home Friday night, using a suffocating defense and balanced offense to clinch a 60-46 victory.  The Northstars got out to a 15-2 edge after one quarter, and
C-NS sixth in final state football polls
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Cicero-North Syracuse, which lost in the Class AA semifinals for a second straight season, is No. 6 in the big-school class. The Northstars were No. 7 last year.    
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