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CNS football opens in Carrier Dome vs Fairport

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Boston College offer was dream come true for C-NS football player
Author: Nolan Weidner
Tyler Days' first Division I offer will likely be his last. The Cicero-North Syracuse senior was offered a scholarship by Boston College in June after impressing coaches in Chestnut Hill with his speed. And Days wasted no time in acce
CNS joins Schedule Galaxy as the new schedule program
NORTH SYRACUSE CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT ATHLETICS JOINS WITH SCHEDULE GALAXY   Schedule Galaxy is now the provider for the North Syracuse Central School District for their athletics program web-based scheduling system. Schedule Galaxy enhances
Section III honors its senior scholar athletes
Section III will honor the area's top scholar-athletes Monday at an awards dinner at SRC Arena on the Onondaga Community College campus.  The best male and female scholar-athletes from each of the 105 schools within Section III are honored at th
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