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CNS Football vs CBA at Bragman Stadium

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July 2018
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Jessica Meneilly (Cicero-North Syracuse)

Position: Midfield

What's next? Le Moyne College

Best moment of the season: Beating Baldwinsville.

Who inspires you? My parents. They've always supported and pushed me to do my best. 

My Uncle Chuck (Wilbur) is my role model. He taught me the game, how to be competitive, but have FUN at the same time.

Last, is my Aunt Beth (Mowins). She always says, if you're dedicated and work hard, you can do or be anything you want. She's proof of that.

What's your go-to warm-up song? 'Black Skinhead'

The last thing you say before taking the field: FAMILY<a href="Photo.aspx?photoId=245546&">&nbsp;Rate &amp; Comment</a>
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Jeremiah Willis Wins Gatorade New York Boys Track & Field Athlete of the Year
Congratulations-Jeremiah Willis is Gatorade New York Boys Track & Field Athlete of the Year! The 33rd year, the Gatorade Player of the Year program is recognize the nation’s most outstanding HS athletes for their athletic excellence, academic ach
CNS Track At NYS Qualifier
NYS QUALIFIER:  NYS Track Meet is  June 8 and 9th at CNS Boys qualifiers: 100 dash: Jeremiah Willis, C-NS, 11.14 110 high hurdles: Joe Williams, C-NS 14.29 400 meter relay: C-NS (Malcom Christian, Joe William
CNS softball rallies to edge Liverpool for Class AA sectional title
Author: Lindsay Kramer
Once the Cicero-North Syracuse bats started to make noise Monday, they didn't quiet down until the Northstars had earned yet another sectional softball title.  C-NS ripped off all of its runs from the fourth inning on to edge Liverpool 6-5 in th
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