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Scholastic Eligibilty
Page Created By: Tim Bednarski Date : 3/8/2018


                                                                                                                    POLICY   5200  

                                             BOARDOF EDUCATION POLICY STATEMENT


SUBJECT:                                            Scholastic Eligibility 7-12                                                                              


POLICY:                          5200                                         EFFECTIVEDATE:           1/222018                     


DATE OF ORIGINALPOLICY:     1/11/80                       DATEOF NEXT REVIEW:        6/2021                                     


REPLACES POLICYNO.:                   IDEA                               DATED:                          1/22/2018                       




It is recognized that one of the fundamental reasons for a student's attendance in school is togain academic competency.  It is also recognized that the District is interested in developing the whole individual,particularly in the areas of health, sportsmanship, teamwork, government, and social competencies.


All students involved in interscholastic, co-curricular activities, and clubs will be encouraged to succeed in every subject. High scholastic achievement is and should be the number one goal for all students.


II.       POLICY


All students involved in Board appointed/approved district interscholastic, co-curricular activities, and clubs including athletics, band, and other activities, in grades 7-12 are expected to be doing satisfactory work in all subjects.




A.    Criteria for Academic Eligibility  - Interscholastic and Co-Curricular Activities or Clubs


Students must meet the eligibility criteria in order to participate in interscholastic,co-curricular activities or club, with the exception of clubs that function asa support group.  Students who do not maintain eligibility criteria will be permitted to continue in the seasonal activity until that activity terminates, but would not meet eligibility criteria to enter a new seasonal interscholastic, co-curricular club or activity.


A.      Beginning of Fall Activities:


Eligibility will be determined using the fourth quarter marking period grades for students in grades 6-11 (Summer School may be used during the Appeal Process only).  Such activities which continue throughout the year require a second quarter report card average of 70%, and not more than one failing grade.  The last day to apply for an appeal is the first day of Fall sports tryouts.  (See Appeal Process).


B.       Beginning of Winter Activities:


          Eligibility will be determined using the first quarter marking period grades. A student must have a 70%average and not more than one failing grade. The last day to apply for an appeal is the first day of Winter sports tryouts. (See Appeal Process).






C.       Beginning of Spring Activities:


          Eligibility will be determined using the second quarter marking period grades. A student must have a 70% average and not more than one failing grade.  The last day to apply for an appeal is  the first day of Spring sports tryouts.   (See Appeal Process)


A.          Year-Long Co-curricular Activities or Clubs


In order to continue to participate in co-curricular activities or clubs, the student must maintain eligibility during subsequent marking periods during the course of the activity or club.  Students who do not maintain eligibility status will be prohibited from continuing participation in the co-curricular activity or club and will be removed from that activity or club.


Throughout the school year, eligibility will be determined quarter by quarter.  Student may enter or re-enter (at quarterly marking periods as eligibility is maintained or reacquired) year-long activities throughout the school year, in keeping with individual program criteria and schedule.


           D.     Summer school grades will not be considered in determining a student’s academic eligibility.  Summer School grades maybe used for an appeal for a fall activity (See Academic Eligibility Appeal Process).


           E.      During each ten-week quarter (at 5, 15, 25, and 35 weeks), the parent/guardian of each student will receive an interim cautionary report if the student is failing one or more courses. This report will inform students and parents that the student’s continued eligibility may be in jeopardy.


           F.      Coaches and advisors will be notified of students’ interim cautionary reports at 5, 15,25, and 35 weeks and, students’ quarterly report card grades.


          G.      Academic support is available for all students. It is the student’s responsibility to seek extra help.


          H.      Academic Eligibility Appeal Process


                    1.       A committee to review appeals related to academic eligibility will be created for each case.  Academic Eligibility Appeals should be directed to the Principal, who will convene the committee.  The committee will conduct an academic eligibility conference and will review the 

facts, callwitnesses, and make a decision. The committee will consist of:


                              a.       The Athletic Director

                              b.       Principal

                              c.       3rd Administrator


                    2.       The academic eligibility conference for any student must be conducted by the Committee.


                    3.       For students participating in year-long activities, the academic eligibility of any student who fails to meet the academic eligibility requirements as listed above as indicated on a five week report,will have their academic eligibility reviewed by the committee.

                    4.       If an academic eligibility appeal is granted, a student may be put on academic probation until the end of the five-week mid-marking period.  The student may practice and participate in the  sport until the committee reviews the student’s academic standing at the end of that period.

                    5.       Notification will be made to the coach, parent, and instructional staff.





                    6.       Parents/guardians must call the Principals office to set-up a hearing date.  The cut-off  dates are listed above.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THESE DEADLINES.   Parents must bring a current report card.

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