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Athletic Code of Conduct
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SUBJECT:                                        Athletic/Co-Curricular Code of Conduct                                                


POLICY:           5311                                      EFFECTIVEDATE:             4/7/14                 


DATEOF ORIGINAL POLICY:                                              DATEOF NEXT REVIEW:    As Needed       


REPLACESPOLICY NO.:                                                       DATED:                4/7/14                  





It is the belief of the North Syracuse Central School District that once a student becomes a member of an athletic/co-curricular team/group representing the North Syracuse Central School District that the student assumes a major responsibility.  The student represents his/her school, his/her coach, his/her family and himself/herself.  The student is expected to maintain the high standards, which are accepted along with the opportunity to represent the school.


II.        POLICY


All studentsmust follow the Athletic/Co-Curricular Code of Conduct, beginning the first dayof the first practice/meeting in the specific sport or activity.  No student will participate or practice until ALL paperwork is complete (permission slip, physical examination,Athletic/Co-Curricular Code of Conduct).


These rules and regulations are in effect for all students participating on any athletic team or co-curricular activity that represents the North Syracuse Central School District.




            1.0       ATTENDANCE


All students are required to attend school and classes regularly. All students  must be enrolled in a minimum of five (5)subjects, including physical education.




All students who expect to play in a scheduled game, practice or, activity/event must be signed into school no later than 30-minutes after the official start of the school day and attend a full schedule of classes on the day of, or in the case of a weekend game, or activity the day before the event.  (In case of physical education, student athletes must dress and participate.)


All student absences, tardiness, and early departures from class or school must be accounted for.  It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school prior to the student absence, tardiness, or early departure from class or school or to provide a written excuse upon the student’s return to school.




POLICY 5311 

Excused Absences



Sick                                                                       Injury

Attendance atHealth Center*                                Quarantine*

Dental/OrthodonticAppointment*                         Surgery*

DoctorAppointment*                                            Hospital*



Familyrelated reasons:           

Emergency infamily                                             Death in family

Attendingfuneral                                                   Militaryobligations*




College visit*                                                         Attendingfuneral

Incarcerated*                                                         SocialService visit*


This Excused Absence section is intended only to provide examples of excuses which, for purposes of this Athletic/Co-Curricular Code of Conduct, are sufficient to permit a student to participate in a scheduled event despite missing class on the day of the event.




Failure to comply with this attendance rule will result in the student not being able to participate in the practice/meeting, game, or event of that day.  In the case of a Friday or day before a holiday, the penalty will be imposed the next practice or event.




It should be understood that the North Syracuse Central School District believes that representing the school is a privilege and not a right.  We expect students to be willing to meet a higher standard of character and behavior.




1.      Students are required to travel on the school bus to and from athletic and co-curricular events, as long as a school bus is provided.  Only under verifiable circumstances will a student be allowed to leave an event with only his/her parent/guardian (i.e., family medical emergency, funeral/wake, wedding).  When leaving an event with a legal excuse,the parent/guardian must personally provide the coach/advisor with a signed note at the time of departure.    

 2.    No student will use or smoke tobacco or use electronic cigarettes at any time during the athletic/co-curricular season.

 3.    No student will drink alcoholic beverages at any time during the athletic/co-curricular season.

 4.    No hosting or remaining at parties where illegal distribution of alcohol, drugs or other performance enhancing substances are present and/or used.

5.     No student will use, take,ingest, swallow, rub or massage into the skin, or otherwise use any substance whose known or unknown quality is to, according to advertisements, supposedly enhance body size, strength or performance, at any time

POLICY   5311

before, during or after any athletic/co-curricular season. These substances include, but may not be limited to anabolic steroids,“steroids”, “roids”, amino acids, human growth hormones, etc., except as prescribed by a physician to treat an illness or condition.

                         6.    No student will use non-prescription drugs or medicine of any kind for reasons other than medicine for an ailment or illness at any time or place during the athletic/co-curricular season.

 7.    No student will be in possession of or distribute tobacco products (including electronic cigarettes), alcoholic beverages or any illegal drugs at any time during the athletic/co-curricular season.

 8.    No student will engage in indecent exposure at any time during the athletic/co-curricular season.

 9.    No student will engage in any illegal activity.

10.   No student will commit offenses on or off school property which involves police or court actions.  Due to the severity of this type of allegation the student(s) involved will have “rule infraction” applied from the date the allegation is known to school personnel.

First violation will be immediate dismissal from the program for that athletic season or for the balance of the co-curricular trimester.


The trimesterswill be as follows:


        1st  - August 15 – November 20 (95)

        2nd - November 21 – March 1(89)

        3rd - March 2 – June 1 (91)


Students may reenter the full year club or activity on the commencement of the next trimester.


The student will attend mandatory drug/alcohol counseling for a minimum of four (4) sessions with the student assistance counselor for any drug or alcohol violation.                                                                                                                   

Second violation will result in total prohibition for one calendar year from all athletic/co-curricular activity/teams from date of infraction to the same date a year later.


Additionally –If any infraction occurs that is not specifically covered under these rules and regulations and a coach/advisor believes it warrants punishment, a committee comprised of the coach/advisor, director and a building administrator shall meet to determine the nature of the punishment.


            3.0        SCHOLASTICELIGIBILITY


It is recognized that one of the fundamental reasons for a student’s attendance in school is to gain academic competency.  It is also recognized that the District is interested in developing the whole individual, particularly in the areas of health, sportsmanship, teamwork, government, and social competencies.


All students involved in interscholastic and co-curricular activities will be encouraged to succeed in every subject.  High scholastic achievement is,and should be, the number one goal of all students.


The staff must take an active part in the encouragement and the “helping” process.




POLICY  5311



All students involved in athletic/co-curricular activities, and clubs, in grades 8-12 are expected to be doing satisfactory work in all subjects.


Criteria forEligibility:


For participation in interscholastic, co-curricular activities, and clubs, an overall average of 70% must be reached in the previous quarter, with not more than one failing course.  Throughout the school year, eligibility will be determined quarter by quarter, not by final average grade.  For example, eligibility for all fall activities will be determined by the previous year’s fourth quarter grades (in June); eligibility for winter activities will be determined by the first quarter grades (in November); eligibility for spring activities will be determined by the second quarter grades (in February). Summer school grades will not be considered. Student may enter or re-enter (at quarterly marking periods as eligibility is maintained or reacquired) year-long activities throughout the school year, in keeping with individual program criteria and schedule.


Student's must meet the eligibility criteria in order to participate in a seasonal interscholastic, co-curricular activity or club. Students who do not maintain eligibility criteria will be permitted to continue in the seasonal activity until that activity terminates, but would not meet eligibility criteria to enter a new seasonal interscholastic, co-curricular club or activity.


During each ten-week quarter (at 5, 15, 25, and 35 weeks), the parent/guardian of each student will receive an interim cautionary report if the student is failing one or more courses. This report will inform students and parents that the student's continued eligibility may be in jeopardy.


Coaches and advisors will be notified of students' interim cautionary reports at 5, 15, 25,and 35 weeks and, students' quarterly report card grades.


Academic assistance is available for all students.It is the student's responsibility to seek extra help.


There are no provisions for limited eligibility.




Any loss of equipment, or locker damage must be paid for at the end of each activity  season. Failure to pay by the end of the activity season will result in the student not being able to go out for another activity. Failure to pay by the end of the school year will result in the student’s ineligibility for future activities.


A student may change sports or co-curricular activity during the same season after a conference and approval of the two coaches/advisors involved and cleared with the Director/Principal.



POLICY 5311 


Athletic participation is an educational experience that involves responsibility and commitment through good times and bad.  Varsity athletes who try out for and make a squad, are committed to that squad throughout the end of the season.  If no cuts are made, varsity athletes are committed after the first two weeks or the first contest,whichever comes first.  

Junior varsity and modified level athletes may leave a squad at any time if in good standing and if done properly:

a.) By meeting with the coach, explaining the reasons and handing in all equipment in       a timely manner.

Varsity participants who leave a squad beyond the initial period, and JV or modified participants who leave a squad without fulfilling the above responsibilities, will forfeit some playing time during their next sport season as specified by the behavior code.

The Athletic Director and Coach, may, upon mutual agreement, and in their full discretion,allow for exceptions for a student athlete’s withdrawal from a team after the first interscholastic competition.


7.0        BEHAVIOR CODE


Athletic participation is meant to teach commitment and responsibility and therefore athletes may not leave a squad beyond the initial tryout period without consequences.  Varsity athletes who choose to leave a squad after the initial tryout period will forfeit contest participation for the first 20% of the competitions during the next sport that they tryout for and make the team. 


Junior varsity,freshman squad, and modified team athletes who leave a squad after the initial tryout period, must be released by their coach after meeting in a timely manner to explain the circumstances and return all equipment.  Junior varsity, freshman squad and modified team athletes that leave a squad under adverse circumstances will be held to the 20% penalty.  Athletes who are removed from a squad for disciplinary reasons, will have their situation reviewed and the circumstances could affect future athletic program participation.



            8.1        CURFEW

Each coach or advisor may establish his/her own curfew and conditions. Such conditions must be approved by the appropriate Director prior to dispensing these conditions to the student.


Penalty - One(1) game/activity suspension.

8.2        CONTRACTS

In addition to any of the preceding information, a coach/advisor may add additional rules that are pertinent to a particular activity. These "extra rules" will be dealt with by the coach/advisor via a contract system. These extra rules must be approved by the appropriate Director or building administrator before they are given to the students.  Rules must meet and be within District Policy.

            POLICY 5311 

8.3       PHYSICALS

Each student who wishes to participate in an interscholastic or athletic team or selected co-curricular activity must have a physical examination performed by a Primary Care Provider once each school year and return the properly completed  and signed Physical Form to the Health Office.  If a student is absent due to illness or injury for five (5) or more consecutive days, he/she must be given,and pass, another “school physical” in order to return to competition.(Co-curricular, Winterguard, Color Guard, Marching Bands, Dance Ensemble).


Students will only be allowed to participate when the advisor/coach has a properly signed permission slip.


*NOTE:  The North Syracuse Central School District will provide limited

 secondary student/athletic medical insurance for each athlete.




Local chapters of national organizations may have more stringent requirements and standards of expected behavior.  Failure to comply with these requirements may result in additional penalties and/or dismissal from the organization.


           9.0         STUDENTHEARING PROCESS


                                    The Athletic or Co-Curricular Director shall review the coach’s/advisor’s recommendation or in consultation with the principal (or designee) and will make the final decision on suspensions.


The students hall be given the opportunity to present his/her explanation to the appropriate Director (or designee), School Principal (or designee) and a Varsity Head Coach or Advisor that would not coach or advise the student.   The hearing must be requested in writing within five (5) school days of the start of the suspension.




All students will be provided a copy of these rules and they and their parents must sign an appropriate consent form that they understand and will follow these rule before they will be allowed to practice, participate or play.                                                                                                                  



The Board of Education delegates the implementation and review of this policy to the Superintendent of Schools.


V.        REPORTS


The Superintendent of Schools and/or his/her designee are responsible for monitoring this policy and developing appropriate reports.



POLICY 5311 

VI.       REVIEW


            This policy is to be reviewed annually as needed.




            Board of Education Policy 5100.1 – Comprehensive Attendance Policy

            Board of Education Policy 5311.1-Student Code of Conduct

            Board of Education Policy 5200-Academic Eligibility




           Reviewed and Approved

           by Board Policy Committee______________________________ ______________

     Chairperson                                                Date

           Reviewed and Adopted

           by Board of Education__________________________________ ______________

     President                                           Date


           Received for Implementation____________________________ ______________

     Superintendent                                 Date









Dear Parent/Guardian(s) and Athlete(s):


No amount of instruction, precaution, or supervision will totally eliminate all risk of injury.  Just as in non-school sporting activities,athletic participation by students also may be inherently dangerous.  Students and parents must assess the risks involved in such participation.  Each makes his/her choice to participate or to allow the child to participate in spite of the risk.  The obligation of parents and students in making this choice cannot be overstated.  In granting permission for your child to participate in athletic competition, you, the parent or guardian acknowledge and assume such risks.


Severe head or neck injury, including paralysis or death may occur despite using a helmet or other protective headgear provided your child.  No helmet or other protective head gear can prevent all head injuries or any neck injuries a player might receive while participating in football, lacrosse, softball,baseball or wrestling.


Athletic team members and members of co-curricular clubs and organizations are representatives of their family,school and community.  It is important that student conduct during any activity concerning the sport in which they are engaged be governed by a basic respect for whatever facilities that are provided as well as any individuals (i.e., students, spectators, coaches,officials, teachers, bus drivers, chaperones, etc.) that they may relate with while participating as a member of any athletic team or co-curricular activity.


Athletics and co-curricular activities are part of the total educational process of our students and therefore the following departmental rules will be in affect for all students from their first interscholastic participation through graduation, 12-months a year(grades 7-12).  It is also understood that athletic and co-curricular participation is a “privilege” and not a “right”and two philosophical principles will guide your conduct.


1.     To have respect and concern for the rights and feelings of others.

2.     To behave in a manner that reflects favorably on yourself, your family, teammates, school and community.


It is the parents’ responsibility to:

1.     Be knowledgeable of the rules and regulations your child has committed to as a student/athlete and community member.  To know the consequences of any violation of the rules and regulations and to assist in the enforcement of such.

2.     Be supportive and encourage your son/daughter to demonstrate appropriate behavior while representing the North Syracuse Central School District as a student/athlete or participant in co-curricular activities.

3.     Hold your child accountable for their actions and help guide him/her in making proper decisions regarding drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

4.     Be knowledgeable of individual team rules and expectations and address concerns regarding your child or your child’s program to the coach.

5.     Be a knowledgeable spectator knowing the rules of the game and being a role model for sportsmanship.  Cheer our successes, encourage our efforts,respect our opponents and be understanding in our defeats.

6.     Be supportive and adhere to State Laws prohibiting all smoking (includes electronic cigarettes) on school grounds or in school buildings.

7.     Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches:

a)  the treatment of your child, mentally and physically,



b)  ways to help your child improve,

c)  concerns about your child’s behavior,

d)     schedule meeting with coach(es)to discuss concerns.


8.     Issues not appropriate to discuss with coaches:

a)  playing time as it relates to other students,

b)  team strategy,

c)  other student/athletes related to athletic ability.


Should a need arise to discuss issues with a coach or advisor, parents should avoid practice time or immediately following a contest or event.  Parents are welcome to contact coaches/advisors individually or through an appointment with the athletic director or principal.


Students are required to travel on the school bus to and from athletic contests or co-curricular activities, as long as a bus is provided.  Only under verifiable circumstances will a student be allowed to leave a contest with only his/her parent/ guardian (i.e., family medical emergency, funeral/wake,wedding).  When leaving a contest or event with a legal excuse, the parent/guardian must personally provide the coach or advisor with a signed note at the time of departure.







In order for your son or daughter to participate on any athletic/co-curricular team or activity sponsored by the North Syracuse Central School District, must be signed by the student and the parent or guardian and be given to the coach/advisor of the activity in which he/she will participate.  This document will serve as parent permission for your son/daughter to participate in interscholastic sports or co-curricular activities.


Enclosed you will find a copy of the North Syracuse Central School District Athletic/Co-Curricular Code of Conduct.  Please read and discuss the Athletic/Co-Curricular Code with your son or daughter.


Student Name:                                                                           D.O.B.:                       Age:              


Address:                                                                                    Phone:                                              


                                                                                                 Emergency Phone:                             


School:                                                             Grade:              Cell Phone:                                        


Sport Activity:                                                                              Fall       Winter      Spring 


Student is Insured by:                                                                                                 


I, the parent/guardian of the above student hereby give my consent for him/her to participate in the above activity.  I have read and understand the content of this permission form.  I am aware that the participation in this activity is voluntary.  I have also reviewed the student behavior code with my son/daughter and we both understand the basic responsibilities involved within the athletic program.  I am aware that the North Syracuse Central School District will provide limited secondary student/athletic medical insurance for each student.




Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                   Date



Student/Athlete Signature                                                                     Date


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