Toyota High School Athlete of the Week- Conner Hayes shines on and off the field
9/14/2018 5:50 AM

He's a household name on the football field, but his most impressive work might be what happens in the hours leading up to gameday.  Conner Hayes is the star quarterback for Cicero-North Syracuse High School, he's been on the varsity team since the end of his 8th grade season.  Now he has his sights set on a long future in football---but he's well aware that can only happen if he works hard in the classroom.  Something he absolutely does.  We're told Hayes has an average above 90 and with that academic prowess he has Ivy League schools in his sights.  "I always want to challenge myself" Hayes says.  "That’s a big thing I’ve always been taught is to challenge yourself and do the best you possibly can and basically not be a slacker. If you show up to school every day and you have a positive attitude about it and you want to be there and you want to learn, you’ll learn the things you need to put on the paper and C-NS just does a great job."  Wherever he continues his academics, he knows it will be doing what he loves:  Playing football.  “Football is just my life basically, I love football. From the day I was born I’ve always had a football in my hand, my first word was ball it’s just my thing I’ve always loved football always wanted to be in football so I’m just going to try and play the game as long as I can and hopefully get into coaching, something like that."  In the meantime, the immediate goal is to win for the Northstars. C-NS takes on Rome Free Academy on Friday night with the goal of improving to 3-0 on the year. Further than that, it would be repeating as Section III champs, perhaps making the next step to New York State glory.  One thing is certain, with Conner in command, anything is possible.  "He’s just matured and developed. He’s become a leader, everything you want in a quarterback" says C-NS Head Coach Dave Kline.  "He sees the field, sees the kids. The kids follow him the kids are willing to say, you know this kid is willing to go to war for me so we’ll go to war for him."  Exactly the kind of leader any football coach dreams of.  Congratulations to Conner Hayes from Cicero-North Syracuse, this week's Toyota High School Athlete of the Week.


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